Hip Hop - Ya don't stop!

Hip Hop – Ya don’t stop!

What is hip hop? When the average guy hears that question, he might be thinking about some bad-ass kids walking around in baggy pants listening to 50 Cent. And what’s worse: you can’t even blame him for thinking that. Media and economy are taking advantage of the culture: Hip Hop – according to TV and clothing industry – is „Swag“ and Lil Wayne, baggy pants and some bling-bling-iced-out-what-do-I-care stuff.

It’s sad. But not too late. Hip Hop is a culture. And just like any other culture, there is some sort of knowledge and evolution, principles and history involved. Hip Hop is a lifestyle, an attitude, state of mind, a feeling and [let me tell you this] what a good one! It’s not up to us to judge what Hip Hop really is [and what it’s not], so we’re not even going in that direction. What you should [must] know though are the four elements of Hip Hop: MCing (Rap), DJing, Writing (Grafitti), Bboying. Nothing about „swag“ or anything. So don’t you dare saying you love Hip Hop when all you can do is go and buy some fancy clothes and shake your behind … [I am pretty sure some of you know what I relate to].

For more infos on hip hop culture and especially on bboying [as most readers are probably dancers] I recommend you the following sites.

The Bboy Spot – Right now my favourite source when it comes to anything that’s related to bboying. They tweet a lot of true stuff and they are not afraid to tell the truth.

Zulu Nation – Interesting site, contains some spooky information on aliens [that I don’t want to judge], but the parts concerning Hip Hop sound right to me.