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LOVE IS THE MESSAGE is a charity project by some of Luxembourg’s finest artists in collaboration with streetleaders. The youth in action programme by the European Union supports the project. We are collecting money from November 2012 – February 2013 in order to make a donation to SAVE EMILIE LAHR ASBL, a young girl with a very rare disease.

Our beloved artists and friends put a lot of effort into different projects to make money: Motivated Youth Crew for example, sold cookies and hot chocolate at the Aldringen XMas Hip Hop Market. Fusion Crew sold different christmas decorations on a private christmas market in Bereldange. <3moved and Beat Snackaz collected money by teaching workshops.

On 17th of february 2013 (sunday after Valentine’s day), we will rock Centre Prince Henri in Walferdange! Doors open at 14:00h, shows start at 14:30h! Hip Hop and Breakdance crews will show you what they do best. Singers and Bands will perform and sing their hearts out. See what Luxembourg’s young people have to share with you and help us make this project a success! Discover real Hip Hop culture. Because in Hip Hop, it’s all about „peace, unity, love and havin‘ fun“ 🙂

Facebook event:

Crews and singers:
– My Crew
– Dream Hunters
– Fusion
– Final Movement
– Funky Animalz
– Five cent cones
– Mico
– Mad Beast
– Tuys
– 7_UP Crew
– Moreno Pizzoni
– Beat Snackaz
– José Vaz
– Guess who
– <3eMovedCrew
– Crankie’s
– Tania De Almeida
– Marilù
– Maison de Relais Walfer