Streetleaders Dance Academy

Streetleaders Dance Academy

UPDATE (10.April.2012): We will close registration for this season on the 30th of April! After that, we will focus on projects and not accept any new members until late summer. We also want to inform you, that the price for new members will rise! If you want to join us, please keep that in mind! There will be no exceptions!!!

We are very exicted, happy, proud and freaked the hell out to announce our special programme, the STREETLEADERS DANCE ACADEMY! The programme contains different elements of dance training. By joining our programme, you obtain certain privileges:

  • You are informed about workshops, projects and dance classes before others.
  • You get reduced prices on activities.
  • You can always contact us if you need any help with your training, dance technique, dance styles, dance shows, music mixes, Outfits, Logos, anything!
  • You become part of the streetleaders dance team.

If you want to become a member, you have to respect our basic principles:

  • If you love to dance, you share our passion. Doesn’t matter if you just started dancing or you have been dancing all your life.
  • Each one, teach one! We’re a team and only as good as the weakest link!!!
  • Stay true to yourself, ignore the mainstream! No need to brag around.

If you want to join us, please send us an e-mail to The membership in our dance programme is 5€/year (for now!). Only? Yes! It’s symbolic. We are not trying to profit from you. We do that because of our love for dance, not for money. And: it is very important to us, that we especially support those, who don’t have much money [because we been through the no-room-no-teacher-no-nothing-thing, too]. It is also of major importance to us that we „improve“ the spirit of dance in Luxembourg, to build a community.

Join us and become part of our streetleaders-family! There is no contract or hidden obligations when you joined us. After one year of membership, we will contact you and ask you if you want to keep your membership. If not, you don’t have to do anything.

By the way: if you are a dance teacher, you can also become part of our programme – to take classes and to teach classes. Contact us via and we can discuss things.