This is how we do it: Dance-We-Camp - mission accomplished!

This is how we do it: Dance-We-Camp – mission accomplished!

If we had to resume it in one word we would probably pick super-dope-amazing-inspiring-creezful*-fun-inspiring-passionate-wonderful-best-weekend-ever and so on. Because we simply can’t put this major experience into one word!

The camp went great and we believe that our beloved dancers think the same! Lawrence was an awesome teacher with insane choreographies and it was a pleasure for us to meet such a gifted dancer and great friend!

We will be distributing DVDs to the participants with all pictures and videos. Please be patient with us, we also have other things to do (unfortunately), but we will do this as soon as possible!


One more time we want to thank our sponsors and coaches:

– Programme Jeunes en Action, SNJ Luxembourg, for approving our project and trusting us with this 🙂
– Maison de Jeunes Berchem, Jim and Chris for all the support and help and all the organisational things. We would never have made it without you!!!
– Lawrence Devera – surely the best dancer and teacher we could have chosen! We are super thankful!!!
– Our cooks, Jerry and Nicolas – super delicious food, looking forward to work with you again!
– L’essentiel – Thank you for the article. It was great to see that we are doing someting, that matters 🙂
– Chalet Géisserei – Thank you for the venue and the great assistance.
– Our streetleaders members who helped us during the whole weekend!
– Last but not least: All dancers! You were awesome and your energy really made this special: WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!


P.S. How would you guys like it, if we organise a nice DVD evening, watch the videos and look at the pictures? And of course, hang out and jam 🙂